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Roomcrush was launched as a creative outlet with a mission to inspire us all on home beautification and to capture the most impressive decorating ideas from designers around the prettiest corners of the internet. I use this inspiration to recommend new, different, personalized ideas for the many aspiring rooms out there. As your decorating side-kick, I am here as a partner to collaborate with you in tackling your perplexing decorating dilemmas that just might need a second set of eyes.


I am passionate about decorating my home and the spaces of others, from a few new refreshing pieces to full room reinvention. As a wife and a mom of two little ones, I live a life full of constant beautiful chaos, with countless things to be grateful for, including our love of traveling and new experiences. The 20+ countries I’ve visited around the world inspire my design style, adding in a personalized taste, full of memories. I believe that acting on the mantra of "do more of what makes you happy" is a way to unleash possibilities and live life to the fullest, which resulted in the creation of this blog as a fun side project.

Thank you for welcoming me into your home, your life and your interest. Cheers to creating the most stunning, serene roomcrushes imaginable!


Certified Interior Decorator, CID 2014

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