Top 7 Ways to Decorate with Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery

Hello Greenery! Oh how I love thee. Such a beautiful and refreshing color to have been awarded the Pantone color of the year for all of us to wrap our decorating arms around. I've noticed many designers including Greenery in more and more room designs over the past month, from full on bold walls to simple nature-inspired accents.

In taking a look at the many possibilities of bringing Greenery to life, my favorite ideas so far are:

1. Naturals. Bring the outside in, pairing plants with glass and wood.

2. Go for a statement with beautiful patterned wallpaper in a seating nook. An inviting welcome to a cozy space.

3. Wow wall. Another statement approach, bringing together neutrals to balance the bold color.

4. Match-up. Pair with blue, balanced with white.

5. Energize with bright pops of pink or coral.

6. Zen it down with white, navy and gold for an inviting, well-balanced vibe.

7. Layer with a black and white rug.

The versatility is vast - and the bold energy of this color is invigorating. From pairing with black and whites to pink or blue, Greenery is a color with many creative possibilities!

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