Creating a Dining Room Statement Wall

Our first design dilemma, submitted by young mom Rachel, is one that has possibilities for the dining room statement wall that could really transform such a prominent space in her new home. Rachel needs a second set of eyes on her gallery wall project to address the concern: is it getting too boxy, with the table, chandelier and collection of frames?

The dilemma: Too boxy or good to go?

First off, I love your beautiful farmhouse table and chairs! Such an inviting and versatile furniture set to last for many years, with kid-friendly and adult-friendly style. Creating a gallery wall to capture the heart of what your home is all about is such a popular design, with many ways to structure it. Straight lines, as shown in your paper placeholder, can allow for a simple, clean design style, allowing the pictures to pop beautifully. Second, to address your concern, I don't think it's getting too blocky; however, if this is something you don't like, you could balance out the shape with dimension, building in accessories as an overlay, which could also warm up the space. It's amazing what accessories can do to breakup shape, adding in texture and color interest.

Three options come to mind for this space:

Idea 1: Frames as the full statement

I really like how the designer on this project filled up the wall with beautiful, oversized square frames that take up the real estate on almost the entire wall. I also really like how the frames start low on the wall and go to a good height up above. If you choose to go lower with your frames, I would recommend aligning the bottom edge of the picture row with the table - no lower than that, so that you could see those smiling faces in all your pretty pictures!

A few other examples for this first option, which do a really nice job in letting the frames act as the design hero all on their own:

Another consideration within scenario 1 is to pair table accents with floor accessories, like a plant and basket, to bring in shape and soften up the space. Beautifully done here:

Idea 2 (My recommended): Add in a sideboard or buffet table, dressed up with accessories, finishing up with gallery frames, artwork or mirror.

I really love the possibility of adding in dimension through an additional furniture piece, which can be functional and gorgeous. A few inspirational rooms that come to mind are:

I love the white grid-style frame collection, accompanied by a dark wood open air table. I could see this working so nicely in your space too, Rachel. It gives you the opportunity to bring in color through accessories, like the vases and blanket, allowing for a modern rustic touch, which could be great with your farmhouse table. Also a great place to add in a basket with hidden toys for the little one!

Another pretty option with sideboard is this one:

Above the sideboard, you could either consider the frames that you already have in mind, a mirror or a piece of oversized artwork to bring in additional color, such as this one:

Idea 3: If interested in something completely different, consider bookshelves to fill with stemware, dishes and wine bottles.

A full wall bookshelf with wood or wall paper backing could be a nice addition to the room, like done here. Also, a really beautiful set of patterned curtains, which bring in pattern and color. You could consider doing the same to dress up the glass doors that you have to the left of your table. If you decide to add window treatments, remember to hang the curtain rod high up, close to the ceiling and allow the length to be at least floor length, if not slightly longer.

Another bookshelf idea is an open air one, which could be good, given your heating system down below. This can be done in a very affordable way:

Three scenarios to consider as you round out an already fabulous design idea. I hope you enjoy the decorating process as you make your final decision on how to beautify such a big part of your home. Best of luck to you and many wishes that you have a dining roomcrush in the near future!

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