Living Room Blank Slate

The decorating dilemma: Living room is an open canvas.

Erin just moved into a new house and is in the process of decorating room by room, looking for new ideas for the fresh slate in her living room. What to do? No furniture, no color scheme just yet, and a whole lot of possibilities! The purpose of the space is to create a haven for relaxation - a place to read a book, talk to a friend or take it easy with the family.

The existing room...

I love the amazing light that is flooding the room, the alcove window that is absolutely screaming for a window seat or set of beautiful chairs, the rich color of the wood floors and the high ceilings to make the room feel large and spacious.

Three scenarios come to mind, which are captured here in the following idea collections:

Idea 1: Maximum coziness

Window seat with custom built-in bench, taking into account heating system vents, chaise lounge sectional, with a neutral rug underneath and two stools or small chairs.

Adding in a couple of casual ottoman poufs, like the ones here, which are very versatile:

To round out a seating area, such as this:

Also, perhaps you might consider opening up the upper balcony wall, adding in wrought iron and wood for a peek to the space, such as this:

Idea 2: Relax and unwind

Window seating area with two beautiful, comfy chairs with small table, a couch and small bookshelf.

Creating an inviting space to grab a cup of coffee and a magazine:

...and paired with a sofa like this one:

or this one...

with a warm wooden coffee table:

Idea 3: Elegant, with fun factor

Couch, two small chairs and an indoor swing chair (or two).

I am in love with swing chairs, which are the inspiration for idea #3, bringing in a little bit of whimsical to the indoors. You could include a sofa, side chair(s) and hanging chair, a perfect place to cozy up and press pause on life.

Serena and Lily make a beautiful one, which has nice coloring and very neutral:

...and another beautiful one here, with a simple round shape:

A couple of swing chairs can also work really nicely with a couch or other anchor to the room, such as this floorplan:

Such an exciting time as you build your home, your family memories and the unique character of your room. Enjoy the decorating process, whichever scenario you might go with! Please come back to visit us and let us know what you end up doing with your space. Happy decorating!

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