Red Barn Bunk Room

The decorating dilemma: How to create a fun, inviting guest bedroom that will fit all the kiddos of the extended family.

On the property of Lorraine’s second home, she has a gorgeous red barn in which she would like to setup a bunk room guest space for lots of little ones to stay. Beautiful natural wood wraps the loft space, where she would like to fit sleeping accommodations for six kids. Lorraine’s nostalgia of cousin sleepovers, packed with sleeping bags on floor mattresses inspired the idea to bring the next generation of kids together, continuing on with tradition. What an inviting way to sleep multiple kids in one room.

Her existing space:

I love the warmth of the room, the cozy ceiling shape, industrial lighting and modern rustic vibe that comes through with the triple beams. I also love the nice amount of light and great open space to fit lots of beds and possibly a little play area. A welcoming country getaway, with modern touches of comfort, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In checking out the kid-friendly corners of the internet, I've come up with three bunk room concept ideas that are rising to the top of my list, including a range of options, all with the fun-factor, coziness and gender neutral vibe.

Idea 1: Bunk bed multiples

The first concept includes multiple bunk beds, with the option of either 1) a twin bed stacked over a full bed, which would sleep three for each configuration or 2) stacked twin beds, which would sleep two each. A few examples are:

Depending on the dimensions of the ceiling height, a consideration for a lower footprint could be done, such as this:

If setup as full/double bed on the bottom, then only two bunks would be needed, since those sleep three each. Placing one on either side of the window would provide good balance and would allow for available space in the front of the room for truck racing and doll playing. If the stacked twin option is preferred, then three bunk beds are needed to accommodate six, and can be placed as two sets on one side of the window, one on the other and leave the last quadrant of the room for a play area. A white bed option would look so beautiful against the warm wood walls.

Idea 2: Line ‘em up

This scenario includes rows of individual beds, considering trundle beds for even more sleep space. Done in an absolutely gorgeous way here, really maximizing the space to sleep wow nine kids! This could also be done with all twins, instead of queens:

The below setup could also be done with trundle beds to fit six. Really reminds me of the shape of Lorraine's room!

And an option with three twin beds lining the left window with three additional off to the right side:

Idea 3: The big daddy of them all

My dream bunk room. Holy gorgeousness. Custom built-in bunk beds, with staircase divider. White contrast against all of the natural beautiful wood would be absolutely stunning, like the one done here by the one and only Joanna Gaines, who blows it out of the water every. single. time.

Additional jaw-dropping custom built-in bunk bed examples are:

The below option, with window seat, brings yet another layer of coziness (I'm always such a sucker for window seats!)... a great place for a couple of little ones to snuggle in and read a book:

If ample space is allowed, consider adding in a play area, with sweet things like a reading nook, swing chairs or teepee tent, like these:

An inspiring space to think about, with many memorable sleepovers to come for Lorraine and her family. Whether bunk beds or lined twins, you can't go wrong with any decision when it comes to bringing all of the littles together. Such a blast they will have together as they grow!

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