How to Design a Budget-Friendly Bathroom

Known by many as the adored grandma of small town Stormville, Anne is ready to treat herself to a new bathroom design, filled with touches of relaxation and aaaaah. Anne’s life is full and packed. Whether it be working hard during the week, playing with her grandkids on the weekend or hitting the golf course for her favorite Friday sport, she’s always on the go together with family and friends. She is inspired by family memories, with pictures from over the years lining her hallways, and also inspired by one of her favorite places in the world, Bermuda, where she's been over 10 times. Perhaps a touch of the Bermuda ocean to bring into her new bathroom design? How exciting to press pause on the busy go go go of life to now indulge in a pampered new space. 

Her chocolate brown bathroom was put in place in 1979 - and 38 years later, she’s given herself the green light to make the change with an update. Her dilemma is: so many possibilities, what should she do to modernize and freshen it all up?

Anne likes....

-A blend of transitional, traditional and coastal rustic styles

-Grays, blues and wood tones


-Space for her growing family

The current space:

What I like about this space is the unique two-room setup, which is good when the house is buzzing full of people. I also like that there are two separate closets, allowing for lots of storage for linens and such. A nice luxury of space.

So on to the ideas. After imagining the wallpaper gone, vanity out and flooring up, it's exciting to think about the many possibilities of a refreshing bathroom re-model. I've come up with three concept ideas for possible designs:

- Shiplap It Up

- Dark and Moody

- Touch of the Ocean

Idea 1: Shiplap It Up

For the first concept, I recommend installing shiplap on the main vanity wall of the front room and on a surrounded half wall in the back room. Round out with either 1) a white vanity with gray counter or 2) a gray vanity with white counter. Paint walls a light gray and install neutral flooring (gray or sand). Complement with wood tones through accessories, like shelving and artwork. A few inspiration pics, where it feels like a breath of fresh air walking into these bathrooms...

The space can also look beautiful with an addition of other variations, like gray painted shiplap or a blue or green vanity, like shown here in these beauties:

If a white vanity is selected, there are many gorgeous options at Wayfair, which has a pleasant shopping experience, including this one:

Idea 2: Dark and Moody

The bathroom is a space where you can envelop yourself in a rich color - one that you might not have as prominently in other rooms of your house. A great place to bring on the boldness and layer in texture and pattern in a pronounced way. For the second concept, I recommend bringing in a saturated wall color for a statement, rounding out with coastal-inspired design elements. Paint or wallpaper the walls a dark blue, feature a white vanity and include a round mirror. A very inviting feel. Here are a few rooms of inspiration...

Idea 3: Touch of the Ocean

The third concept is inspired by Anne's many visits to Bermuda and brings in beautiful ocean colors into a clean, crisp room. Consider 1) white walls with a calming pop of beautiful ocean blue or green for the vanity or 2) a sea green wall color, with white vanity - both incredibly tranquil options. Done beautifully here in these rooms:

Also to be considered is a soft, soothing gray vanity with white walls:

A few other considerations to round out the remaining design elements of the room:

1) A round mirror over the vanity could look beautiful in the space, changing up the lines. A nice example here, with brown wood:

2) Install new doors for an updated look, considering a rolling barn door over the bathroom closet for a unique touch.

3) For a budget saver, consider painting the brown tiles white, which can be done with this product:

4) Consider a new shower curtain with subtle pattern or solid color, such as this one:

Changes to home decor and interior design can actually be mood altering, especially with the right color planning. Soft blues, greens and whites are fabulous for bathrooms, because of the calming effect of the color, creating a zen environment. This can all be done without breaking the bank through selecting more affordable options, like: putting shiplap on a couple of walls instead of all, painting part of the tilework, instead of installing all new and selecting an existing vanity to purchase, instead of building custom. 

We have three possible avenues for a serene, peaceful new bathroom design. Whether Shiplap It Up, Dark and Moody or Touch of the Ocean, each one could be a nice fit in Anne's bathroom with a pampered, relaxed vibe. It’s energizing to think about the before and after of this space and I hope you come back to post and share pics of your new bathroom, once it’s in place!!

Green shiplap

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