How to Decorate with 2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Hot off the press, the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is...drumroll...Ultra Violet! A rich, bold color anticipated to fill our homes and wardrobes next year in a way that energizes, soothes and engages the senses. How to decorate and design with this gorgeous purple color? We have beautiful inspiration from our friends across Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest with three home decor and interior design approaches that are popping out.  

Fast Company

Bold and Brave

First, the bold and brave. We have the possibility of designing rooms saturated full of color, complemented with other bold partners, like red, yellow or blue. Done in unique, beautiful ways here:

House Beautiful

Decorators Best

Elle Decor

Harmonious With Neutral

We also have the possibility of decorating in a way that balances the peacefulness of white and neutral with the power of such a bold color, which could result in a relaxed, zen vibe. Done in gorgeous ways here:

Apartment Therapy

The Spruce


Jackson Paige

Balanced and Beautiful

Lastly, the middle child. Not too bold, not too subtle, living right in the sweet spot of the in between. We have the potential to bring Ultra Violet-type purples in with other pops of color through a nice balance of other elements. This could be great for any room - kitchen, kids’ rooms, family rooms, bedrooms. A few examples:

Ideal Home

Apartment Therapy

House Beautiful

Naka Designs

Pier, Fine Associates

As we dive into learning more about the new Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet is one with many possibilities and considerations for different approaches of design and decor. Whether bold and brave, harmonious with neutral or balanced and beautiful, we can consider different approaches for unique interests and preferences. Happy designing!

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