Walking In a Window Wonderland: One Window Set, Four Ways

A beautiful sight, Laura’s happy tonight...looking out her gorgeous over-sized set of windows. Quite a statement in her new sun-drenched living room, bringing the outdoors in and feeling one with nature as the pretty snow falls down at the start of the cold season. A young mom of two energetic boys, Laura and her family recently moved to a beautiful new home with lots of land to run and play. They are busy unpacking boxes, drinking hot cocoa and having snowball fights in the backyard, taking in their love of winter. 

Looking through their big set of windows is a beautiful view into the backyard. Laura and her husband are scratching their heads on this one with the decor dilemma of: what to do with the window? Keep it simple and open as is, or something else? A standout view in the room where they can’t go wrong with any option. 

The current space:

What I love about this space: an immense amount of light pouring in, the vertical window height makes the room feel so high, with a great presence. 

A few ideas come to mind, considering a range of possibilities for her dilemma. 

Idea 1: Curtain Call

A window as big as this one could look super gorgeous with curtains that are full length, ceiling to floor, adding warmth and drama to the space. A good way to bring in color and texture, whether subtle or bold. When hanging the curtains, I recommend hanging them as close to the ceiling as you can and ensure the length is at least to the floor (you could go one to five inches of additional fabric pooling on the ground if interested, as personal preference). Here are a few pics to bring the idea to life:


Ballard Designs

Tobi Fairley

High Jefferson Randolph Architects

Idea 2:  Christmastime Cheer

Such a fun and festive time of year to adorn the window with beautiful Christmas decorations, which could be enjoyed from the inside and out. From garland to wreaths to lights, such a cozy and welcoming vibe as a short-term possibility. Some inspiration here:

Lily Pad Cottage


CC and Mike

Idea 3: Have a Seat

Instant cozification (did I just create a word?) of a room can be created by adding in a seating nook. Oh how I love window seats! Laura can consider adding in a seat that spans the window and can also consider flanking with built-in book shelves, put in by her very handy hubby. She would likely have to add in vents in the bottom for proper heat ventilation from the baseboards. For a touch of luxury and ease, also consider installing custom automatic shades, smart home style. Companies, like Hunter Douglas have a great selection.  A few pics of window seat inspiration:

Vivian Johnson

Hunter Douglas

Kelly Nelson Designs

Sean Litchfield Photography

Idea 4: Open and Sunny The last idea is to simply keep the window open, as-is, to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of it all. Sit back and take in the acres of beautiful nature and say hi to the deer from your couch! Done so nicely here: 

Crate and Barrel

Dwell Interiors

Pottery Barn

Kelley Nan

Four concepts for Laura to consider, as she looks to make her new house a home. Whether Curtain Call, Christmastime Cheer,  Have a Seat or Open and Sunny - each is unique and could bring a cozy vibe to the room. Excited to hear about what you go with, Laura! Come back and share once you are settled. 

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