Big Kids’ Bedroom in NYC

And just like that...her kids are 3 and 6. In reflecting on the special stage of life that Rachna is in, a particular quote comes to mind that tugs on my heart strings: “I constantly go between wanting you to stay my little baby forever and being excited about all of the amazing things you’ll do in this life.” It seems like in an instant, all of our kids grow up so quickly and are more conversational, more hilarious, more surprising with the things they can do and the little people they become. All with what seems to be in the snap of our hard-working mommy fingers. We look back at the many pictures and videos of them growing over the years and it’s exciting to also look forward to the future for the changes to come, anticipating the impact that our children will have on the world.

As Rachna’s kids grow, they are now ready for a big exciting change. It’s time to change up the shared bedroom and convert it to a big kids’ room, complete with city-living style and multi-functional use. Her little boy and girl will say farewell to the crib room and hello to a super cool bedroom for this next stage of kid-hood.

What I love about the existing room is the usable space on every wall, a big benefit of being completely window-free. I also really like the extra wide closet (an absolute luxury in the city!), which is good for storage and perhaps a re-considered design element.

Her design dilemma: How to convert the bedroom space to a big kids’ room, considering a vertical design to maximize the footprint.

Here are a couple of pictures of the existing room:

After thinking through a day in the life of Rachna’s family, with two small children living in NYC, imagining their needs as they grow into the next stage, a few ideas come to mind that bring in multi-functional use of their bedroom:

CONCEPT 1: Cozy Corner Loft

Elevated loft beds in the corner with desk space underneath.

Using corner space and designing upward can maximize the floorplan, allowing for double bang for the buck. Such fun they could have playing, sleeping and reading in a way that allows for time together or apart. If space allows, Rachna could also add in bean bag chairs on the floor or a swing chair hung from the ceiling. A few pictures for inspiration:

Sweet Retreat Kids

Matrix Kids

Custom Made

CONCEPT 2: Bunk Bed and Desks

Bunk bed on one wall and desk space on the other.

Another option is to place a bunk bed on one wall and a shared desk space on the opposite wall, with minimal modern design, setup to ensure the room can grow with both kids. Keeping the colors gender neutral will be important, considering primary colors with a good amount of white for a sweet and fun design. An alternative consideration for desk space could be: convert the closet to a shared desk, allowing for storage up above and desk space down below. This concept is shown nicely in the following pictures:

Crate and Barrel

Pottery Barn Kids




CONCEPT 3: Platform Loft with Storage

Platform loft, with tons of storage and versatile use.

An unexpected room design could be: place an oversized platform against one wall, putting the beds above or hidden within. Desk space can be included within as a pop-out or up above, depending on the design choice. Could also be nice to round out the decor with special framed artwork created by Rachna’s kids in coordinated frames. Having an elevated work space could be a good way to add extra fun into creative play or homework time. A couple of pictures here:



Three options for Rachna to consider, as she thinks through the exciting and special next stage in her kids’ lives. Designing upward will be a good way to fit in all of the essentials they will need as they continue to grow. Creating an inspiring space will allow her kids to unleash their creativity, rest peacefully and make memories over the years. All while living in the best city in the world.

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